Elderberry Gummies

| Feb 1, 2016

Biotta Juice Featured: Elderberry Juice


Unflavored gelatin
BIOTTA Elderberry Juice

Raw honey

1 lemon

1 persimmon (or orange, grapefruit or berries)

Ginger root and turmeric

Note: ratio of liquid : gelatin (about 1 cup: 6 tablespoons)

Combine peeled, seeded lemon, rough sliced persimmon, removing any
seeds (there’s no need to peel them, just remove stem parts), and ½ cup of
elderberry juice in heavy duty blender or mixer. Blend. You should yield
3/4 to 1 cup of smoothie-like liquid. Pour most of it into a small sauce pan
and turn on med-low. 

Add 5 or 6 tablespoons of gelatin (depending on about how much liquid
you ended up with) and whisk well. Small amounts of liquid heat up fast so
keep it moving. 
Simultaneously, add a fat piece of ginger and one of
turmeric to the little bit of liquid you have left in in the bottom of the
blender (about an inch long piece of turmeric, a bit more ginger), along
with a smidge more BIOTTA Elderberry Juice, blend well (this needs a little
longer as you really need to liquify the chunks of root.

When the mixture on the stove seems well melted, remove from the heat
and add the ginger/turmeric blend. Add 3 to 5 tablespoons of raw honey,
depending on how sweet you want it to be, and mix thoroughly. 

Pour it into a glass or stainless steel container, or cute silicone molds if you
like. There’s no need to grease anything, pop it in your fridge for a few
hours (lid off to let condensation out) and you’ll be ready to go. They’ll be
solid at room temp and last several weeks in the fridge.